Refrigerator Water Filters

If you have a refrigerator with a built in ice maker or water cooler, and you have water quality issues in your home, then you’ll need to filter the water that supplies the refrigerator in order to ensure the ice or cold water it dispenses is safe for consumption. There are several ways in which to accomplish your goals including whole house water filters that treat the entire home’s water supply and specially designed refrigerator water filters.  

Water Filters for Refrigerators 

The water filters that are designed for refrigerators are canister filters that are hooked to the water line that runs to your refrigerator. These filters can also work equally well for stand-alone water coolers, water fountains, ice machines and commercial coffee makers and soda machines. There are two designs of refrigerator water filters to choose from: in-line filters and canister filters. In both designs, there are single filter models and those that offer multi-stage filtration. Special models of filters are available to address certain kinds of water quality concerns, like high concentrations of arsenic, nitrates and fluoride. The refrigerator water filters which are specifically designed to eliminate high concentrations of certain chemicals often feature multi-stage filtration systems capable of removing a wide range of contaminants from your feed water as well.

Multi-Stage Filtration Systems 

While it’s prudent to select a filter that can adequately address any specific concerns you have about your home water supply, it is also a good idea to have a multi-stage filtration system. Such a system will eliminate most contaminants and significantly improve your water quality overall. If you’ve had a water quality analysis performed and know for certain that you face particular kinds of contaminants in your water, then you can easily select from the refrigerator water filters that are specifically designed to address your concerns. Choosing a filter that not only deals with your primary concern but which also filters or treats the water for a range of other potential contaminants is a smart move and one that ensures your water is as healthy and safe as possible. 

Understanding Staged Filtration 

The contaminants that get into your home water supply are different from one another and as such, the methods for effectively eliminating them from your water must vary as well. This is the reason that many refrigerator water filters feature somewhere between four six staged filters, with each of these stages working to eliminate specific kinds of contaminants from the water supply. In order to know exactly which filter stages do what in a particular model of water filter, you’ll need to review the product specifications, but there are some basics which can help you understand staged filtration. For instance, some models contain porous filters with different sized holes in them for capturing free floating particulates in the water. Others have carbon filters that eliminate chlorine and other chemicals, for example. To determine which of the available refrigerator water filters will work